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5th-Sep-2009 01:52 pm - FRIENDS ONLY...

You want access?

Most people get too serious on the internet
They spend so much time on it, that it becomes their life
Well that is not me
I don't give drama & I don't want none

My journal is just that.. mine
I post what I feel like & when I feel like
I don't update everyday, because I have a life outside of this
This is a way for me to vent
And re-evaluate my actions

LJ is for entertainment purposes only
But I'm real
I don't make-up stories just so that people can be-friend me 
and post comments
I'm not on this to "entertain" anyone
But if you find my journal just that..then kudos to you

Now..do you still want access?
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23rd-Feb-2007 01:13 pm(no subject)
rough ryda _ custom
So Rahmel left Thursday morning for Detroit for Saviour's day. It's a Muslim holiday and they usually gather together in one city have like conventions and stuff. Usually  Honorable Minister Farrakhan attends, but he's sick, so he may not be. My hubby won't be coming back till Monday afternoon. Five days and 4 nights without him :( I miss him like crazy!

He is enjoying his surroundings and especially the hotel so much, that in May we will be going to Detroit. We had made plans to go to the Poconos upstate for his May vacation, but we feel Detroit might be much better. I'm so excited to go. We plan on staying in the same hotel he is in now....aahhhh I can't wait. There's this big mall next to his hotel and he can't wait for me to see it...lots of shopping!! Can't wait!

Hope all is well with everyone. Next week I am bombarded with exams, so I need to start reviewing..
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